Data Team One’s Robotic Process Automation

The Coast Guard has embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to redefine its human resource operations with emerging technologies. Powered by the Office of Data Analytics’ Data Team One, this RPA initiative centers on automating processes involved with Coast Guard’s human resource information system, Direct Access (DA), an application vital for the management of pay, leave, assignments, and evaluations. 

Streamlining Competency Management 

A key recommendation was to revamp the handling of position-based competencies in DA, a task that used to take contractors about two weeks and was error-prone. Specifically, the automation is focused on updating the competency dictionary, which is done monthly, and managing the frequent (daily or weekly) updates to position-based competencies. This process, overwhelmed with over 2600 individual cases for skill and knowledge updates, is now being automated by the bot created by Data Team One.  

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